BIAS FX iOS Tuner is off

  • The tuner is completely off. Using iRig and iPhone.
    Anything I am doing wrong? Is this issue known?
    When my guitar tuned with Amplitude, BIAS FX gives me a tune close to G# instead of A.

  • I have the same problem. Using a Go Guitar Pro interface.
    Worst yet is that, it seems to "hear" the guitar 'before' the Pitch Shifter Pedal, in my opinion, it should give you tuning feedback based on that it will come out on the audio interface, not on what is coming IN.
    So, it if way off, and on top of that it does not consider if you have a Pitch Shifter in the chain.

    At least some pedals like the Shifter should be allowed to be passed into the Tuner.
    So far I have to plug a real Amp on the iPad and use an iPhone for tuning, which is very inconvenient to do at night when kids are sleeping.