Tone dropouts anybody else? Solution available?

  • Since today I have problems with my Spark and tone dropouts, such as from a loose contact regarding the guitar signal. I have already ruled out that the loose contact is due to the guitar or the cable.
    What can I check in addition to that to solve my problem?

    P.S. Here is a video of it (two dropouts):

    First dropout at around 00:31.
    I then had to switch of the Spark and even then the tone wasn't there at once.
    Second dropout at about 01:48.

    Does anyone have similar difficulties?
    If so, is there a solution available?

    P.S: Updated to version and the problem persists.
    I disconnected BT - the problem persists.
    I disconnected USB - the problem persists.

  • Looks like it is a speaker problem (a soldering issue??).
    When I connect headphones then I don't experience tone dropouts (at least not during my tests right now).
    But I don't think that I be happy with this status of my Spark. 🤔

  • I'm having the same issues. I have determined the issue to be the Noise Gate pedal screws up everything. If you disable it seems to work fine and my drop outs go away. I imagine it will have to be fixed in a firmware update or something

  • @rockbandguy I hope everyone experiencing this problem contacts Positive Grid support. Maybe they'll have a fix by the time mine ever shows up.