Received my Spark amp today. Ordered on 23 November.

  • First impressions. Appears to be decent quality( made well) . Sound is good for a small amp and you must be in front of the amp to hear the speakers as they are very direct. For most people that don't have a lot of equipment this will be a great gift. Good value for the money. It would make a great gift for next Christmas...Order NOW!

  • 6 months from purchase til delivery. WOW !
    I have never in my entire life had to wait 6 months for anything I purchased, especially when they said it would be here in 6 weeks. I could have paid and had a house built by now.
    And they are STILL selling this amp.
    Soon this amp will be outdated when the next NAAM comes around.

  • @johnny
    Ive been waiting 3 years for a guitar painted by ----customshop... 3x the price of the Spark and I'm writing it off.
    As for the Spark being obsolete, that's the beauty of it being primarily a software modeling amp platform.
    It's not like a Pocket POD where what you get is what you get.

  • @cb91710 hi, what do you mean by "obsolete"? Spark just came out and tones are great, plus the cloud tone thing is really awesome... You save hours using cloud tones instead of tweaking forever in search of the right tones (you can still have fun spending time and play with the app and knobs to get your tone, but cloud is a great idea.....)

  • @johnny Obviously you never ordered a boutique pedal like say "King of Tone" from Analogman - I waited 2.5 yrs for mine.