Bias FX 2 Plug-in GUI window messed up in Reaper

  • Hi,

    I have a version of Bias FX 2 on Reaper but the window is small and there is a lot of blank space. The result is the same with both the trial and elite version. I am still able to use it, I just have to use the scrollbars to get to the point, and guess where I have to click. I tried disabling automatically resizing windows in the preferences folder but it didn't work. Every other plug in I have (even non-stock plug ins) seem to work and display fine, it's only been this one. Changing resize options within Bias FX just keeps the blank space the same but zooms in, so I have to scroll more.

    I've tried installing and uninstalling it two times, but the problem is still sticking. Has anyone else had a similar issue, in Reaper or in any other DAW?

    Thank you!