Impulse Responses Sub-Folders

  • Hi all.

    I am enjoying BIAS FX 2 a lot but there is one thing I can't work out.
    I have a large (probably too large) collection of IR Responses nicely organized in sub-folders.
    Adding all of them by hand to custom folders in the Cab Finder is a huge task.

    Is there a way to scan a folder and its sub-folders for IR's without selecting every single wav file one by one?

    This is driving me n*** and an option to add a new folder containing all IR's from its sub-folders would be super handy.


  • Don't be silly, this is Positive Grid software, all basic, useful and sensible features to make things easier are left out and will not be added at any time in the future, a lesson best learnt sooner rather than later.

  • It's far from Ideal, but you could create a folder/folders from withing the program and then multi select IRs and import them that way instead of 1 by 1, it would still be a major PITA, and you would likely run into the problem of not being able to tell 1 IR from the other from within BIAS because of PG's ridiculous filename length issue. Basically like a lot of things to do with PG software it's a major PITA.

    You are better off disabling the cab from within BIAS and using a 3rd party cab loader after BIAS. 3rd party IR loaders make it so much easier to manage your IR's.

    For me my collection has over 270 000 IR's (Of course I don't use them all, but that's what comes with what I have purchased) at a size of 22.5GB. You can imagine getting them into BIAS, I never bothered trying when I used PG products, which I no longer do, but 3rd party IR loaders make the job easier, also amp sim software that has a decent system is also beneficial :) which of course excludes PG :)

  • I create the folders within FX2 with the name of the IR cab (Marshall JCM2000 4x12, Orange 2x12, etc for example), then in windows I copy/paste the wav files into those folders, which live at Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_FX2\ImpulseResponseLib.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. That's actually what I have done until now. But its getting more complicated if you have folders with sub-folders in sub-folders (Celestion cabs for example with 10 different sub-folders for sampling rates, response times and mics... not that I need all this but its there...).
    But anyway. It is what it is.
    And most IR loaders I use for other guitar sims like Pulse or NADIR are also not super user friendly (much better of course but using them requires additional steps and time and they won't work without launching the daw).
    During normal operation its all no problem as I have created and use a bunch of standard combinations but when you are digging for a new sound or are just killing time by playing around in the standalone app a more user friendly handling of the cabs would be nice.

  • Ah yes, a DAW or other host is needed for 3rd party. As for things changing in the future, don't hold your breath if the past is anything to go by.

  • I find the IR section useless. All file names are truncated to be like DOS file naming.

    Your files might say:
    Marshall 4x12 sm57 cap
    Marshall 4x12 sm57 edge
    Marshall 4x12 md421 cap
    Marshall 4x12 md421 edge

    But in BiasFX 2:

    I mean how is that remotely useful to anyone? What an utter disappointment.

  • Try shorter filenames. There is, for a reason that remains a mystery, a limitation on the length of the filenames. I think its 20 chars...

  • @dns33 said in Impulse Responses Sub-Folders:

    Try shorter filenames. There is, for a reason that remains a mystery, a limitation on the length of the filenames. I think its 20 chars...

    I'm not going to go through 100's of file names which are all very descriptive and change them to useless 8 character names. It's 2020 why are we expected to use MSDOS file naming conventions?

  • Yeah, thats the mystery I mentioned before... No idea why. Was running into this too. Organizing IR's in folders is also not really possible. There's definitely a lot of room for improvement.