Last Chance Special Shipping

  • Got a notification that my amp is in transit! :)

    Order date December 29th. Shipping was originally to the US but due to Covid I (hopefully) had it changed to Canada.

    Looking forward to receiving it finally.

  • @gdm I hope you receive yours soon, however many of us have been told that our spark is in transit (for whatever that is worth).

    I am a power supporter who ordered his in November and mine has said in transit for more then a month and now Positive wrote to me yesterday and said the following

    We know this is extremely frustrating, as you have been waiting a long time and now there’s further uncertainty regarding your delivery date.

    What does further uncertainty regarding your delivery date mean?

  • Adding another data point: I also received notification yesterday that my amp is "in transit".

    Last Chance Special purchase, and I ordered on Feb. 13th. No clue what the status change means for potential date to have it in hand, but it sounds like I shouldn't get my hopes up too much :)

  • This "last chance" offer has been going on for over 6 months now. Can we clarify the meaning of "last chance" lol.

  • @tonyfederici1964
    Further uncertainty ? Absolutely unbelievable. Totally ridiculous.

  • @johnny It means 'Last Chance before we grab all the money and run"

  • I received an email from fedex stating delivery would be on the 20th.

  • @gdm when did you originally order, if you don't mind sharing? And when did you switch to "in transit"? Getting anxious thinking maybe mine will FedEx ship soon!

  • Ok people better hurry up and order. It's your last chance. Spark amp with headphones are SOLD OUT! Better make up your mind soon if you want this thing. LOL

  • Oh yeah, last chance on the final 300 units out of what is it now, 20K? I think when I ordered they had the cap on "last chance" set at 1500! Such a ridiculously misleading way to sell units. Regardless I'm hoping mine finally ships since it's "in transit" now.