Spark Speaker Overload

  • So I got my Spark today (Power Supporter, ordered 11/30/19) and am enjoying most of what I've seen/heard so far. I am somewhat disappointed, however, at how easy it is to overload the speakers. I realize they're just a pair 4 inch speakers but I was really hoping I could actually use most of the 40 watts this thing supplies. Turning the volume up past 3/4 with almost any patch really makes the speakers distort (even with clean patches) and forget trying to play bass through this thing at higher volumes. It simply can't handle it. Anyone else experiencing this or did I just get a lemon?

  • correction, I'm getting a speaker rattle at a little more than 1/4 of the volume up. I'm not using a patch, just Acoustic or Clean and straight up tone settings - no other effects.

  • @peterspring Well, Consider Spark is just a small bedroom type of practice Amp....The great thing about it is that you get amazing tones (Hi gain tones) at a very low volume setting...Spark should be appreciated for its capabilities at lower volumes.... (I've never use it at volume higher then 2/4) I live in a small apartment downtown........

  • Good point about it being a practice amp. I just hoped an amp boasting 40 watts could be turned up past 4 without distorting clean tones :) I agree with you re: the hi gain tones

  • @peterspring i get this too and mine only arrived today. especially if i use the music play along feature. I'm not cranking it up too much either. Should i open it up and see if the speakers are ripped or not ?

  • @peter-moore350 i did a factory reset and it's all good now.

  • @peter-moore350 Thanks for letting us know that the factory reset solved your problem!