• Re: Current Status of Delay
    When do I just get my money back? This company panders and advertise for more orders yet I don’t have mine. Expected delivery was February March. It’s now May. Ordered in December. Don’t play the covid boo hoo either. Fuck this bullshit. If I ran my business the way these assholes run their business I wouldn’t have a single customer.

  • Ordered mine November 29. I patiently waited while I went on with my life. The amp arrived today. Sounds great.

  • I got tired of their endless lies and lame excuses. Sent an email asking for a refund. Had to do it twice to get a response.

    "May 12, 2020, 11:46:24 AM GMT+8
    Hi Rodster459,

    Thanks for writing to Positive Grid.

    I am writing to notify you that we have issued the refund, and you'll be receiving the receipt in the next few hours. Please check your inbox to see if we successfully delivered the information.

    The refund might take up to 10 business days for the payment system and your bank to process it. If you have any concern, please also contact your bank for more details.

    Please write back if you have further questions. Thank you.

    Dans Huang
    Positive Grid Support"

    I have not received a receipt like they said. I also checked my bank account a couple hours ago and nothing. I'll wait the 10 days to see if the money shows up or not but either way I'm done with positive grid.

  • @shovelhead6776 Ordered mine November 8, received it April 20. If you ran your business like these guys run their business, you’d be overwhelmed delivering an explosively popular product to people who put their money UP FRONT to see it come to market.
    I’ve backed a few of these campaigns over the last few years and almost without exception, people pre-order and then assume it’s the same as grabbing a product off the shelf. Vitriolic name-calling, huffing and chuffing and feet-stamping may make you feel better in the short term, but I advise you to forget about the whole thing. Just ignore it. Pretend it never happened. Then, one done day, a package will land on your doorstep and you, like me, will spend your afternoons and evenings cranking on this little beauty and forgetting all about how long it took to get here. P.s. There are some metal combos that will really help you work out that anxiety. You’ll be sweaty and out of breath. ;)

  • Also ordered in December and love it. Had a few issues to sort out which PG support helped with! And it's great - I believe it will get better and better. Seriously? If people like us didn't take a chance and crowd fund this experimental technology up front I doubt it would have ever got made. I was happy to wait...

  • @rgilgan I ordered mine on March 17th and I'm hoping for mid June but probably mid July is more realistic. I guess for the impatient and angry conspiracy theorists the only way they would be happy is if positive Grid would send them double their money back plus send them a Spark for free when they are available.

  • Ordered mine 29th Nov, it came 8th May, I knew it was going to be a while and PG kept me updated right through, even got a freebie download BIAS FX 2 standard software for free off PG for inconvenience of wait, so well happy, its really great little play thing and glad I waited👍😁

  • I'll never spend another cent on this company.
    90% marketing 10% product

  • @davidt6dcm
    Your lucky!
    Wow, they gave you the bias FX2 mobile for free. I Ordered mine on the 24th of November, And got nothing, I’m still waiting with my order in limbo!

  • @tonyfederici1964 You must have missed an email or two - check your junk folder, the offer may still be good with the right purchase code.

  • @rgilgan
    Many thanks, I checked my spam/junk folder and my regular mailbox, but sad to say that this email was never received by myself. I will write to positive grid and ask them.
    Thanks, take care.