Bluetooth delay?

  • Asking those who already have their amps...
    Is there a delay between the video and the audio if you are watching a YouTube video while using the Spark to listen to it via Bluetooth?
    The reason that I ask, is that I use my phone and my iPad to watch instructional videos. If I am watching a video on my phone or iPad using my Bluetooth earbuds, there is no noticable delay. All is good.
    However, I have noticed that when I try to watch a video in the car (obviously not while driving), using the car's Bluetooth, there is a notable delay of about 3/4 of a second to maybe a full second between what I see and what I hear.

  • @mike-6 Yes Mike, I seem to see/hear a delay when using Bluetooth (I put it down to Video being recorded slightly out of sync previously!)

  • @petef Thanks. Not what I wanted to hear, but kind of what I was expecting.

  • It can depend on what version of Bluetooth is being used. Newer versions have less latency so it is less noticeable