Bias amp lags when loading IAA

  • Hey guys,

    Bias amp takes forever to load as an IAA in tonestack I know @pipelineaudio is using this approach and others may as well. Any tricks to get bias amp to load properly in tonestack?

  • So i realized that if I open bias amp first and then open tonestack it will pop on right away.

    If I have bias amp open first and then open aum and then insert tonestack...then open up tonestack tonload the preset containing bias amp it loads up right away.

    If only bias amp had state saving or presets. Grrr has anyone had success with audiobus state saving some good quality presets?

  • A2

    I run Bias FX inside tonestack, havent tried Bias Amp. I start trying to load it about 30 minutes before I go onstage as it often requires loading then shutting down bias fx several times before tonestack stops saying "failed to connect to IAA app Bias FX". Not sure if there's a proper sequence to turn it on correctly, I just keep trying till it takes.

    I'm going to stay on the iOS stuff for product development and some uses, but I'm working on moving over to a windows tablet for all of this as soon as I find some convenient way. The main holdup right now is getting a wireless MIDI pedal for it, which doesn't seem to exist. I found a wireless midi system and just now a battery mod for the Behringer FCB1010, but not too confident about it yet

  • @pipelineaudio i hear you about the wireless.

    Im working on ios just because im poor lol. I have an iphone 7 already and cant afford new gear really.

    I found that if you have bias amp running first and then try to open it IAA it is loaded right away and I dont have the cant connect error anymore