How to duplicate BIAS FX 2 sounds with hardware?

  • I upgraded to BIAS FX 2 recently and I know that it is possible to use it live (iPad + interface + power amp) but I would rather go more typical way - with dedicated hardware (whenever playing live is the option again...). So I guess I would need BIAS Head Mini + some pedals - what is the level of overlap between effects in BIAS FX2 and what is available to be loaded via presets in pedals? I presume that when you get say BIAS Modulation pedal it comes with Modulation pack of BIAS Pedal software - but does it mean that that I can load BIAS FX2 effect onto it - say 1176 compressor (Tube Compressor)?

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    @tom_niesytto Currently no BIAS FX2 hardware that can be integrated with BIAS FX2 software and BIAS Head/BIAS Guitar is based on BIAS Amp2 software, meaning that it's not possible to load a BIAS FX2 preset with BIAS Head/BIAS MINI.

    Note that BIAS FX2 Elite version comes with the 3 BIAS Pro Pedal softwares, so you can use your BIAS Pedal tones in BIAS FX2 Elite seamlessly.

  • Launch Reaper and navigate to Reaper -> Preferences -> Plug-ins -> VST.
    Make sure you've set the correct VST plug-in path in VST Plug-ins settings. ...
    If the steps above are not working, try to Clear cache/Re-scan.