Bias fx 2 - Pitch shifter

  • Hey all

    I have the Bias FX 2 set up and it all works great. I use it just on my pc without having to worry about annoying my wife with loud amps. I'm trying to use the pitch shifter to play some songs. I got a midi pedal all set up and it works great, but i'm having a little trouble with tone. when the shifter is "on" even without engaging the pedal it is already affecting the tone. i've rectified it sort of by having a foot midi switch i can turn the expression midi on for the shifter to activate. is there any way i can have it so the pedal will only come on when i push on the pedal, or put in a sort of effects loop bypass. i've tried playing around with the midi options but when i map the "on" "off" to the up and down too, its just switches back and forth constantly. any thoughts or am i just being thick and missing something obvious