Does this Amp replace all the pedals I need to buy?

  • I'm a total Newbie with guitar and accessories. Will the Spark Amp replace the need for buying different effects pedals, at least in the home?


  • I would say if you don't own any pedals this would be a decent way to get a lot of the basic sounds and learn how they work. Plus if you can just plug it in and go and not have to have a pedal board, more cables, extra power, worry about effects loop.

    You might want to get into all that later but you probably would want a bigger amp at that point.

  • @joshewah Thank you. I have one on order.

  • @subscriptions It’s the perfect way to test-drive a huge selection of pedals (and amps). You will learn what each variable does in the pedal chain and get much better and faster at finding the sound you’re looking for.
    I’m also not a great guitar player, but the Spark really improves what I’m hearing, so I tend to play longer and practice more often.