So FX2 for mobile is on the way!

  • I see that FX2 for mobile is almost with us... be interesting how it fares and also if there is an upgrade option for mobile FX1 users - I think historically, there have not been 'upgrades' on iOS. Guess this explains free offer of FX on iPad recently.

  • @redspecial62 last time with the release of Amp 2 upgrading changed Amp 1 into Amp 2 - with new options for in-app purchases

    I'm not sure if this will be a completely new and separate app or an upgrade + new content for purchase, I suspect the latter. Today after loading Bias Fx into an IAA slot of another app, it only took a few minutes to encounter the iBuzz of pain again so really looking forward to this matter alone to see if it has been addressed. The idea of an AU at last crosses my mind as well as other things, after the long wait I am still hopeful.

  • @tafkad I got my FX Ultimate Mobile in the last month. I hope there is an upgrade path. I can always ask Apple for a refund, together with all the other money I spent the same week on multiple PG apps.

  • @tafkad Of course,, thats the new trend. Small software companies that want to play hard ball like the big software companies without the track record or customer base to back it up. I already checked with Apple, I can get a refund for all the purchases made int he last 30 days, thats a big chunk of money, counting BIAS Amp, BIAS Pedal, X Drummer and FX. I think I will collect back my $200+ and give them to Ik multimedia on Amplitube. I will get to the 15 and see whats the deal with this.

  • A couple of months ago came Cubasis 3 (mobile version of Cubase) but people was able to buy Cubasis 2 the day before without knowing about the new version. There was a lot of discussion and anger. If this would not be an update, it would be so simple as to advertise it in the store to potential buyers of the 2nd version.

  • @korkenknopfus said in So FX2 for mobile is on the way!:

    pdate, it would be so si

    I think there is a better solution: Release the new version, issue a Press Release, including a Pop Up on the older app, offer a temporary Free Upgrade for a couple of weeks, after that, charge 60% for an upgrade between week 2 and week 4, and then whoever didnt upgrade after 4 week then it would have to pay full price. It is fair, because if you are really using the product, and are a potential future customer then you would be on top of things and upgrading either during the free upgrade period, or the two weeks after.

  • Well, the prices are up online on PG website.
    Ultimate is $69 , for "early adopters", so basically they artificially inflated the pricing to $99 and are giving you a "sale" for $69.
    Nothing for previous owners of FX 1
    The problem is not that, the worst one is that the advertising video shows 100+ amps, and the "Ultimate" license includes only 35 !!, so, where are the other 65 Amps? perhaps on "Packs" for who knows how much.
    Looks like on top of $69, they might want to charge even more money.

    This looks like a Downgrade instead of an Upgrade.

    Unless they specifically clarify all that, I will be holding the trigger, because that second part about the "packs" is the most concerning one.

  • @elgrantimo64 and looks like another incomplete release - no midi support yet - does not even support bias pedal yet - no mention of AU support - no mention of improved IAA support (just says support) - and a new more expensive price scheme with no FX1 upgrade offer like with bias amp 2 mobile

    meanwhile the investment into bias fx one abandonware is a bust with it's permanent IAA buzz bug lurking (same bug in bias amp 2 mobile)

  • If this does not get addressed between today and Monday, I dont think I will be purchasing PG stuff anytime soon. I almost purchased a BIAS Head for my son's birthday last week and went and ordered a Powered Kemper instead. Got scared with this whole situation. Im still well within limits for getting all my Apple Store refunded, I already checked. This whole thing is deeply concerning.


    Being a part of the BIAS family has its perks – as a BIAS FX 2 desktop owner, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on BIAS FX 2 Mobile and more:

    • Special license pricing for current BIAS FX 2 Desktop owners

    I am not sure how this works but do not see any info on this claim anywhere and no price differences shown on main site when viewing specs while logged in or out - why they are giving a discount for owning the desktop version is quite strange and has never been offered by them on other releases (cross platform discount) which says to the people who invested only in the mobile platform too bad for you - nice

  • Having had a look at the FAQ and various other things I found this

    Can I use my BIAS FX Universal purchases in BIAS FX 2 Mobile?
    A: You can transfer expansion packs (Essential Analog Effects Pack, Effects Powerhouse Pack, Classics From 60’s Pack, Studio Rack Pack, Acoustic Pack, Bass Pack, Metal Signature Pack) that you’ve purchased in BIAS FX Universal to BIAS FX 2 Mobile. We also provide exclusive pricing options for current BIAS FX Universal license (Starter, Essential, Ultimate) owners - Please see the previous FAQ section for more details.

    *Q: Are there any special offers available for existing BIAS FX users?
    A: Yes, we offer special prices for BIAS FX Universal license owners and BIAS FX 2 desktop users.

    For BIAS FX Universal license owners, make sure that you’re on the same iOS device where BIAS FX Universal is installed to see your special pricing for in-app purchases on all BIAS FX 2 Mobile license tiers. If you’ve since moved on to a new iOS device, go to Settings in BIAS FX 2 Mobile and tap “Transfer In-App Purchases” to follow the on-screen instructions. If you need any assistance, please contact our Support agents.*

    It also comments

    *Q: Do I need to pay for my pre-order?
    A: BIAS FX 2 Mobile is free to download. There is no charge for pre-ordering the app. On the release date, the app would be automatically downloaded to your mobile device or appear in the purchase section of your app store (based on your setting), you can then decide if you want to purchase in-app purchases.

    Q: Can I cancel or change my pre-order?
    A: Yes, you can cancel your pre-order anytime before the release. Please refer to the Apple Support document here for more details.*

    I love the tones that PG have provided with all of the products, but I'm still a bit unsure since the chaos of the Spark amp (which I purchased and have received - and it's great).

  • @tuck60 love how important info like you just found is buried in a FAQ instead of posted on the specs or overview page - also the lack of info in the email promoting this reflects this buried info mistake

  • @tafkad said in So FX2 for mobile is on the way!:

    Being a part of the BIAS family has its perks – as a BIAS FX 2 desktop owner, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on BIAS FX 2 Mobile and more:

    Special license pricing for current BIAS FX 2 Desktop owners

    My email said :
    Being a part of the BIAS family has its perks – as a BIAS FX 2 mobile owner, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on BIAS FX 2 Mobile and more:
    Special license pricing for current BIAS FX 2 mobile owners

    So, I guess the email is customized, depending on what you have bought.
    It also says that the bundles that you purchased before are transferable.
    I didnt buy any bundles !1, I bought ULTIMATE, that is supposed to have everything. Thats the reason I got it, so I didnt have to buy this bundle and that bundle and that other bundle.
    I though paying up at front put me in a better position.

    Hopefully their logic will be the same and recognize the value of the people that paid for "Ultimate".

  • @elgrantimo64 interesting wording on your email then considering no one is a bias fx 2 mobile owner yet (unless you participated in the beta) it is listed as a pre-order

    that ultimate license deal came out much much later so many of us had already purchased most or all of the add-on packs before it was introduced as an option, never made sense to this day still showing an in-app cost of $54.00 to get (have all but the the last pack they released which retails at $10)

  • at least we can transgfer iap to the new app. and they have included an IR loader finally.

  • @tafkad
    Sorry,,that was a typo. The correct transcription of the email I got was:
    Being a part of the BIAS family has its perks – as a BIAS FX Mobile owner, you can enjoy exclusive discounts on BIAS FX 2 Mobile and more:

    • Special license pricing for current BIAS FX Mobile owners

    • Transfer all your BIAS FX Mobile expansion packs to BIAS FX 2 Mobile, for FREE!

    • Easily load your favorite amps and pedals from BIAS AMP 2 and BIAS Pedal into BIAS FX 2 Mobile

    Sorry about the confusion.

  • @elgrantimo64 okay that makes a little more sense - seems like one email for all explaining the multiple paths would provide a more complete intro information wise

    @brian-dress if it passes the IAA test then *the wait will be worth it (hard to believe over a year since desk BFX2) otherwise if it still causes the insane buzz in IAA and without AU support well who knows at that point, not having midi on the release is not a great thing again either (there was no midi on BFX2 for quite a while with desk release) - wondering why the no bias pedal integration on release as well

    glad to see a better picture of upgrade/transfer path developing, hope the incentives are decent and make some people happier

    *the wait
    0_1589580873333_Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 3.14.06 PM.png

  • @tafkad why does it say SAN Diego????

  • fluff has a demo of bias fx 2 mobile