Do Bias pedal give better sound than just software

  • What I don't understand with this physical Bias distortion pedal. Will there be better sound with the pedal than just the software alone without any hardware pedal? As I understand. The pedal process sound digitally and convert that to analogue signal. Will that give a more natural sound then just a digital software alone on the computer?

    Then about connection. I understand this can be plugged into the amp, that's clear. And you cannot use this as an interface trough usb, and no sound transfers to computer trough the usb. But can you connect the pedal straight to a external sound card as etc focusrite, and use it with the standalone software as etc Bias FX, or Bias amp, or even amplitube or whatever, and then use it etc in Reaper? It's so little detail about this parts.

    If that's the case, that digital to analogue give much befits when processing sound to computer, then it's good news.

    I know that my Fender Mustang IV amp is an digital amp, but also process sound analogue. I can also connect this to a computer. What I notice is that the sound from the amp, even trough the computer are superior in sound than just software based amps on computer. The same as with the boss gt-100. So I wonder if this as to do with digital to analogous versus just digital signal, and if this is the same case for the Bias pedal.

    And for the exp input on the pedal. Can you connect volume pedal, or even a wah wah pedal?