Players Special shipping

  • How the hell are people that ordered at the end of January getting their amps and those who did a month earlier in December still waiting ?
    Mine has been in updated to transit mode for 3 weeks now and will be lucky if I get it a half a year from when I ordered it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @johnny Are you in the US? The US shipping seems to be lagging behind Canada or Europe (by a few weeks actually). Impossible to say if it is because the PG US distribution, FedEx delivery or a combination.

    Australia and Pacific island locations are lagging too.

  • @brettalanholcomb

    Australia and Pacific island locations are lagging too.

    Lagging is an incorrect term for this area.
    they are non existent, is more accurate.
    I ordered 3 November, been in transit mode for over 4 weeks

  • Nope. Players Special order confirmed 13 January 2020 and nothing. COVID-19 seems like a real feeble excuse , not much validity to that when it was >2 months after order was confirmed before the virus became a real issue. When I placed my order in January Positive Grid was saying that I could expect DELIVERY IN FEB 2020 - what a load of BS!!! They seem to have been taking massive numbers of orders under false pretences, and communication is not poor, it's NONEXISTENT. If integrity is defined as doing what you say you're going to do, there's no integrity here is there? And really concerning is the complaints from people on the forums who have been receiving broken Sparks and can't get a reply about it from Positive Grid. Thinking of buying a Spark? AVOID!!! Unless of course you're happy to not get a Spark for many months after Positive Grid say they will deliver...hope it's not broken or you need customer service for some reason...etc.

  • Ordered the “Player Special” in very late December 2019 (1199xx)
    It arrived in Europe (Germany) 7 days ago. It arrived this morning at my home (London).
    Exactly 5 months wait. Was it worth it? Possibly...
    Yeah it sounds pretty good and for its size it’s surprisingly loud. I will have to spend some quality time exploring the features.


    As per others comments, the feedback on this site stays as “in production” for ages and then, at least in my case, moved rapidly from there to “In Transit” and “ Delivered” over a 2 week period.

    Once the amp was in transit; I got an email from Positive Grid with a tracking ref. I used it on the GLS website (for European Distribution) and then finally the Parcelforce website (UK Local Distribution) when the amp was in the UK. Both of these websites gave very good feedback re location/delivery.
    The Positive Grid tracking page is still showing the amp as being in Distibution (2 steps away from Completion).
    So I would advise using the appropriate distribution trackers once you have the ref from the Positive Grid “In Transit” email.

    Hope all, that are still waiting, get your amps soon!

  • @dmcgeeav said in Players Special shipping:

    As per others comments, the feedback on this site stays as “in production” for ages and then, at least in my case, moved rapidly from there to “In Transit” and “ Delivered” over a 2 week period.

    Quick Edit:
    What I should have written is:
    The feedback on the Positive Grid Tracking Page stays “in production” for ages and then after it showed “In Transit” it doesn’t update as often as it should…so in reality the amp was shipped, and delivered but the Tracker didn’t reflect this.

    Reference: Positive Grid’s Consumer Relations; they really need to communicate more often and less opaquely.
    The product is very good; but there is a little bit of a bitter aftertaste. When I ordered the amp I was aware that it was a Pre-Order and hence it wasn’t ready to ship of-the-shelf…And that the Covid problems didn’t help either production or distribution…but the extended wait would have been easier to live with if the communications were a little more transparent.

    There is a little voice telling me that if there are any hardware issues, in the future, with this amp, that I may not get a high level of customer satisfaction? I hope I’m wrong.

  • Received mine today to the UK. Ordered on 23rd Dec. Seems well built but software is flakey to the point of unusable.

  • The FedEx tracking page for my order (#117..., placed 12/24) just updated and is scheduled for delivery today. The PG website still lists the status as Local Distribution as of 5/27, not as shipped. The FedEx website showed that the label was created 5/20 but sat that way until now....looks like the box starters moving yesterday. Anyway, all in all this seems consistent with the info PG gave, but it’s been a long wait. Hoping it’s a good amp and not buggy like I’m reading from others.

  • Hello, received mine yesterday in France (june 6th, ordered jan 26th). Firmware updated, app paired (android). Sounds great with or without the app but it takes time to understand how it works (be careful with the interaction between presets and knobs). Don't be afraid, it's worth the money !
    Just a remark : the power supply looks cheap

  • @pierre-fiton What do you mean when you say "be careful of the interaction between presets and knobs" ? Is it a matter of the presets being louder or something?

    Regarding the power supply -- in your opinion should we be ordering more solid power supplies from Amazon or something?

  • @dhbailey power supply looks cheap but works fine for me. I've read in another thread that some users have an issue with it.
    When you load a preset, all the knobs are inoperating until you operate one. for example you put the delay knob to 0 and load a preset with delay. You can hear the delay when you play but the knob is at 0, it can be strange... if you want to cut the delay, operate the knob clockwise and then back to 0 .

  • I got an email this morning saying my status is now shipped (Ordered Jan 18th, 1298##). I'm not not holding my breath it'll be here next week like PG support said but at least it's moving.

  • @david-fields That gives me hope. I ordered on Jan 11th (128###). Status is still 'In Transit' I assume you are not in the US. Seems like US orders are behind other countries.

  • @toddcollen I am in the US actually (Maryland). From what I've seen on these forums it does seem like the US shipments lag. I figure mine would be worse since I believe they ship them from California.

  • @david-fields Correction, my email said your item has "shipped" but when I check on the status on the PG site it say it's at the Local Distribution stage. There's also a message below it:

    "Your order is preparing to ship to you. Please check back soon for your tracking number. Please note that due to COVID-19 it may take 2 weeks or longer for your Spark to move through customs and the shipping process at your local distribution center."

    Since some users have posted that their early January orders have arrived I'm hoping mine arrives in the next couple weeks

  • @david-fields I live in Connecticut. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how they are shipping them. Must have a random order number generator. I hope you get it soon!

  • Order #131XXX on Jan 21st. Been "In Transit" since May 13th. Which will be first? We receive our Sparks or the Corona Virus will be cured? By the way, patiently waiting in California, near both Los Angeles and one of Positive Grid's shipping centers.

  • @eldredjames Corona will be cured. Stock Market will be past 35K. Trump will be wrapping up his 2nd term. And you will have just received another shipping update from Positive Grid promising that you will definitely, for sure, without a doubt receive your amp "next month".

  • Finally got mine delivered today June 11,2020 at 15:29pm after 6 months and 3 days (Ordered Dec 19, 2019) of waiting but oh boy, sure is worth it. What an amp, so cool! It worth the waiting periods guys. Hang in there.

  • still in transit . Players special. #13xxx. .
    I am lost for polite words. The company has taken me for the longest ride of lies. I really am sorry for this company for the way they handled this. They sent me an email stating that I would receive my amp . By mid June. I was first told late February early March......

    I will wait for it to show up at my door and I will be glad the games they played with me are over.

    I went to their support page, but it would not except my question s. I know shit happens . But I also know to be clear about what has happened . I feel like they are cheating me. It's rude. I feel for the thousands of people that hoped for a new way to explore and learn and create but got slammed with lies PG.

    You shouldn't be so eager to harbor people's money like the way you are.... I will wait for this amp . But u will never get a review, a like , a share etc. Untill you apologize to the people with honesty. Please prove me wrong PG!