Players Special shipping

  • Players Special ordered Jan 1st. # 123640 Australia

  • 28 Dec Order date. 119963...U,S,

  • Ordered December 29, received in Canada.

  • Folks, I have been tracking the total number of orders and shipments and posting updated results for some time now. I just received notice that my Power Supporter order placed 12/3/2019 is on the road from California and will be delivered Wednesday, 12/27. My order number was 108***.

    There are a total number of 10,050 units ordered through Power Supporter and 11,800 Players Special orders. So, it doesn't look as if any Player's Special orders will be shipped for at least a few more weeks. Once they start shipping, there are more Players Special orders to ship than they have shipped to date. So, you will have to be patient but will eventually get your amp.

    They have now taken orders for 39,690 Last Chance specials, which is far more than the 21,850 order placed through Player's Special. Looks like it will take a long, long time for all those orders to be filled and they are still extending "Last Chance" every day.

    (By the way, current total gross revenue received is $14,601,164.00 and over 65% of that is for "Last Chance" Specials)

  • Ordered Dec 13. Just got Fedex tracking number today. Colorado USA

  • Ordered Dec.5th #109562
    Status ''Being Prepared
    5/13/20 'In Transit'
    5/22/20 'Local Distribution'
    5/22/20 'Shipped' with Fed Ex tracking number (I'm in Illinois)
    Tracking estimates 5 days for delivery.

  • Ordered Jan 3rd, site updated as shipped a week ago, received May 22nd. Nova Scotia Canada.

  • Ok, now I'm getting a little bummed out reading about those that ordered after me receiving their amps. Happy for you all, but hard to read! Haha. Just hope I'm not one of those that PG skipped over and lost the order! :).

  • Shipping seems to be working more efficiently in Canada than the USA.

  • I ordered Jan. 23rd and I got the "In Transit" notice on 5/13. Nothing further at this point. USA (Illinois).

  • Ordered on Jan 11th. Received an email on 5/12 that the status of order is now 'Awaiting Shipment'. Online status check shows 'In transit'. No changes since then. I live in CT, USA. I like how vague the statuses are. 'In transit', 'awaiting shipment'. Sounds like it is on they way to me but it just means it is somewhere on a boat between Asia and the US. They keep dangling that carrot just out in front of me. I will post as soon as I hear more.....I won't hold my breath.

  • Ordered Sat, Jan 18, 2020, 1297** and being prepared according to tracking.

  • It seems they are sending amps to Northern America or is there anybody in Europe who have received Players Special order?

    My order to Finland is set Dec 20 and order status is still being prepared.

  • Hi, for me Esther still nothing, 112xxx ordinaire placed on 12/11/2019, it starts to be long!.
    My order is for France and I think that they first process orders for USA even if they gladly accept foreign money

  • @aaiigee I ordered Players Special 18th Dec 2019 just received tracking info to London UK (@ local distribution)

  • Order status changed -> shipped.
    Order # 1337## jan 29 th 2020 to Finland.

  • @aappo-s Thanks Aapo and good to hear, but no change in my status although I set my order over one month earlier…

  • Things seem to be Moving forward here too. Ordered on Dec 20th Europe/France. Order moved in "local distribution" status. Dispatched from Germany. Hope We all receive it soon. Keep the faith !

  • Ordered Player Special
    December 2019 order 1199xx
    (Uk Order) status moved from “Being Prepared” to “Shipped“. Distribution (in Germany) is awaiting the shipment.

  • Ordered 12/21/2019 ( France ). Order status changed to shipped 05/26/2020. Handled by GLS 05/27/2020. Bye.
    DeliVered 06/02/2020