Purchase Issue

  • Today I decided to purchase the Bias FX2 Elite package. I promptly received a confirmation email thanking me for my purchase, which included a copy of my receipt as well as the "download page" link. I immediately clicked the link provided. I was redirected to the page where I should have been able to download my purchased product, instead, I was meet with a page displaying no download options, but rather, this text "Check out the detailed system specifications for both
    Mac and Windows in our FAQ article." I thought, "this is odd," so I signed out and then back in, thinking it could fix the issue, it did not,( I tried this several times.).
    So, then I thought "maybe its a browser issue, I proceeded to use different browsers, even different PC's, this didn't work either. I then, frustrated, opened a support ticket, of which, I have been waiting 7 hours now for a response. I understand support tickets can be slow at times especially with things that are going on in the world currently. However, when this is the only means of contact with customers it really should be more timely in my opinion. This is by no means a:"rant," it is my way of possibly getting help with the issue I am experiencing, I am typically a very patient person, but I just shelled out a good chunk of change on this product and I would like to be able to use it, without waiting for days+.

  • There is a few of us in the same position at the moment, assume there is an issue with the website!!

    Hopefully they will get it resolved soon!!

  • @chima I hope it's resolved soon as well, for everyone. Seeing as how the product was advertised as an "instant" download, I honestly wanted to download it instantly.

  • @the-singularity @Chima What happens when you log in here with the email you used to purchase the software?

  • I have the same issue, although I did go to the store page on the website and download the demo, even after logging in on the demo its not updating to a full license... stuck in demo mode.

  • @myxolydian When using the link you've provided, I am redirected to the login page, after doing so I am then redirected to the Positive Grid home page. In the top right corner, when I click my profile, I get the drop-down where I can select the download page. Upon selecting the download page I am then meet with another page listing only a FAQ page link, no purchases of any sort are listed, nor an option to download any products. In all it's the same thing I was experiencing upon creating this thread. Thanks for trying to help however.

  • @daniel-staff I tried installing the demo as well, hoping it would recognize my license/purchase. It didn't work for me either.

  • Yeah it seems to me like our purchases are not actually registering. I notice in documents/positive grid/biasamp2 (or fx in your case) that upon removing .license file it does create a new licence but still in stays in demo mode.

  • @daniel-staff Odd, thank you for sharing what you've discovered.

  • @myxolydian

    You go to the download page and all you get is link to supported operating systems and software and faqs.

    No download links. Nothing about your purchases etc. Which is what I’d expect there.

  • Honestly, the sheer lack of support/communication by employees has left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. It's not a very encouraging first impression.

  • Website says they are in Las Vegas, so it’s about 14.40pm there currently, so surely they have seen the support tickets bringing up the issue. I sent mine 5hrs ago now.

    It’s not hard to post even a message on here acknowledging there is a technical issue or something!!

  • @chima Agreed.

  • @the-singularity Yes, the lack of communication is really frustrating. I'm a first-time customer at PG too, so I can't say if this common practice over here but I've been buying software online from other companys before and I've never experienced something like this ever. I'm almost getting that "con" feeling.

  • @a-franke1974 Agreed. I have, however, heard several people say they are a solid company. Given how many people are ranting online about Spark pre-orders, i would not be surprised if they are simply overwhelmed. Some poor support dude is probably wading through thousands of emails asking "where is my spark!!". I believe they have admitted that they never expected such a huge response. That said... this is very frustrating and "some" high level communication with customers would go a long way.

  • I seeing that several have this problem out there last couple of days. Its not what usually have been a problem before, so not sure whats going on. They have been solid on the orders as long as I have been involved with positive grid as a customer.

    Its by no mean to compare to spark orders as they been in a different case, and cov19 is affecting the world and the overwhelming orders, so its kind of a different case. Possible the spark orders could be a overwhelming factor, especially if same dude send like 10 email about that spark orders. Some others thousands of the same dud could be some emails to handle.

    But I understand the bad taste coming in as a new purchaser, and especially when you want to play the damn thing and expect the instant download.

    I just wanted to say they have been rock solid on the digital orders in past. I'm sure it will get fixed, and its not been normal that it has been like this with the instant downloads.

    Hope they soon can communicate with you guys. Its important to mention in support email that it is some problem with several others in your email, so they do not think its separate cases.

  • Having this exact same issue now. Ordered FX2 Elite yesterday after doing a lot of research on the competition and experiencing everything you were. Did you get this solved? Put a ticket in 24hrs ago and got nothing... Currently using the demo which is slightly ridiculous considering they already have my money. Disappointing to say the least.