Can't open BIAS AMP 2

  • I downloaded and installed BIAS AMP 2, a couple weeks ago, while waiting for my BIAS MINI Guitar to arrive. It worked great, until I connected to the tone cloud and downloaded an amp model.

    I downloaded a model and was given a confirmation that the download was successful. Then the program crashed. Now, when I open BIAS AMP 2, I get the loading screen, which then goes on to a black screen with a small white window in the center.

    I've tried reinstalling the program several times. I've uninstalled recent Windows updates (1 won't uninstall). Anyone else had this issue? It looks like a windows update conflict to me, but I've not seen any other posts with similar issues, which would generally be the case with a windows issue. Both BIAS FX 2 and BIAS PEDAL work fine on the same laptop.

    I'm hoping to get this resolved, so I don't have to buy another computer to use my amp.