help with buzzing between IAA apps

  • here is a soundcloud reamp test I did with a lasse lammert di Track.

    I used one track with a bias amp model loaded into jamup using Rooms as an IR loader with a Celestion IR(the free one)

    on the other track I used the same bias amp model but just loaded as IAA in AUM using Bias Amp and had that run into Fiddlicator using the same IR from celestion.

    On the recording I hear a bit of a buzz in the background that I cant figure out where it comes from.

    any insight guys?

  • here is a link using the 5150 model from tonestack.

    sounds a bit different no?

  • Quick stupid question : did you check that the sample rate and length of the IR you loaded is the right one ? Because your buzzing sounds a lot like a quantization problem.

    Also, check the routing => your first track sound is way too mono for a dual track (like both guitar signal are going into the exact same speaker and cancelling each other)

  • @aradesk ok. First thing. It's two separate do tracks. I ran them into separate apps in aum. One track was JamUp and rooms. The other was tonestack bias and then Fiddlicator.

    How do I figure out how to get the correct sample rate and everything? That sounds like the root of my problem since I'm using all these different apps together

  • i definitely found that it is coming from fiddlicator. no matter what app is processing fx and amp sounds Fiddlicator always has that buzzing for me in the background.

  • Sadly, i'm no IOS user so i can't help you with that part but i guess there is some sort of "who's the master and tells which settings to use".
    For the IR itself, Celestion give different frequency and length (200ms/500ms) and also propose converted format for specific IR loaders. => can you hard pan the 2 tracks and bypass the fx (amp/ir...) in turn ? That way you can figure out which fx on which track is actually is actually adding the buzz or if it's both no matter what is loaded (meaning the issue is elsewhere).

    Lastly, are you loading the exact same IR file with those 2 different IRloader ? Try loading a different one (though i higly doubt it to be the main issue as once the IR is loaded it should be in the apps assigned memory).

  • @aradesk I think the fiddlicator app is the culprit. I tried some other convolution reverb apps and loaded up the same IR into both and had them one after another in the chain so I could swap them back and forth in real time.

    Rooms! and Mobile Convolution sound the best. MC is a little bit louder than Rooms! for some reason.

    Fiddlicator constantly buzzes in the background. This might be way my live sound was so bad on my last try. That buzzing gets amplified and creates all sorts of problems.

    With Rooms! and MC they sounded exactly the same for all the IRs i loaded in. I have a few Ownhammer modern mesa mic mixes and a Celestion one too. they all sound the same. in those apps if you take out the output level difference.

    Tried altispace but it has a built in predelay with a minimum delay time of 4ms. Doesnt sound right at all as a speaker cab loader.

    Im telling you some IOs app developer would make cash if they made a dedicated IR loader or CAB program like Two notes WOS.