Need help finding VST files for Ableton Live & looper question

  • Hi - I have the Bias FX2 desktop version on my mac and want to use Ableton Live but for the life of me I cannot find the VST files so that I can use Bias FX2 in Ableton. There are no .vst files for Bias FX saved in my Mac plugins folder, no clear directions from Positive Grid regarding how or where to download the files or how to set this up, and I'm now at a wall as to how to use these programs together.

    I'm also curious if anyone knows if it's possible to use the looper function without having to determine my number of bars, tempo, and everything else. I have a ditto looper pedal and I want to be able to make loops with a midi device just like that looper - 1 button, no fuss, no having to plan out my tracks and select a tempo and number of bars etc, I can just jam and be creative and not have to map out a game plan every single time I want to throw on a loop. It's very unfortunate this function appears to be so complicated.

    I appreciate all guidance you can provide. Thanks!