How to avoid plinky, overcompressed attack?

  • I came back to BIAS FX 2 after being somewhat disappointed with previous version (mostly due to latency issues) and I have to say that this current version is substantial improvement. I even upgraded to Pro version - and use BFx2 instead of my pedal board + RockBug - going into Zoom U44 interface - for most of the daily practice. Latency is there but it is very tolerable - even playing faster passages but what bothers me is that it is hard to avoid the "plinky"character of initial attack. I do not get it from playing with my regular rig but it is somewhat pronounce with BFx2. I can adjust my pick technique to minimize it but I am afraid that going that way will alter my technique.
    Did anybody else have same issue and resolved it?
    I mostly play with almost clean tone so that problem is somewhat pronounced. High gain presets (say Santana) which I occasionally pick up for fun are mostly OK. But on clean tone that compressed initial "pluck!" is somewhat annoying - in normal rig you may set compressor to get that chicken picking percussive tone - but I want something that sound naturally and reacts to the dynamic of the pick without the need to playing extra soft.

  • There were no takers so I decided to update it. The specific issue I had was when trying to find good preset for playing chord-melody type of arrangements fingerstyle. The type of attack that playing with fingertips (not nails) produces seems to be conducive to creating weird artifacts in BIAS FX.
    This is not a complete solution but I found some presets on cloud and based on them I created my own one that uses UREI 1176LN compressor. My preset on cloud is called "Chord Melody Stereo".
    Here is some info on 1176 compressor I posted in other thread.
    Tube Compressor (available at Pro level) is so far my fav compressor effect. I found couple posts describing mapping of BIAS FX amps and effect onto real world devices:
    Amp Models
    Effects Models

    So Tube Compressor is UREI1176LN Compressor
    Googling for manual I found this thing:
    UREI1176LN Manual

    It does not exactly match the model of UREI1176LN used in BIAS FX but it is close enough. And it explains process of choosing correct compression setting perfectly - now I can actually get nice tone for clean chord melody setting.