Bias into Headrush

  • I have a headrush frfr monitor hooked up to my scarlet audio interface. If I run bias Fx 2 patches, they don't sound as good as they do through my. Computer speakers. For example, I downloaded a Metallica black album patch. Sounds perfect through my sony computer speakers, and also perfect through my Maudio monitor speakers. Once. I hook the same Patch up through the headrush frfr monitor, it does not sound good. However windows audio player plays mp3s perfect through the headrush.... Am I missing something? Thanks

  • I am using two Headrush FRFR-112 speakers through an AXE I/O interface on a Mac and they sound awesome.

  • Odd, wonder why it sounds different for me. Wonder if it has anything to do with me using 1 headrush FRFR, and there being 2 amp chains in the patch?