The New Firmware - USB Volume Fixed, but Bluetooth Broken!

  • So I downloaded the beta firmware, v, and the good news is the USB Volume for recording is now good, where previously it was extremely low. The bad news, however is that Bluetooth from my iPhone or iPad no longer works! It did work fine at first and now suddenly it doesn't. Anyone else having this issue. And yes, I know where the music volume is, so please don't tell me to turn that up. It's turned up =) My iPhone says it's connected and playing on 'Spark 40 Audio', I just don't hear anything. Doesn't matter whether I play through Spotify or through the Apple music app.

    The app still works just fine as far as playing the guitar and loading different patches on, so there's nothing wrong with the Bluetooth connection itself.

  • @mfeldman1972
    Had the same problem. Couldn’t get it to connect. Finally did a factory reset and fixed it. Give it a try.

  • And doesn't a factory reset take the firmware back to original version? I can't even locate the so called "Updater Tool" to update the firmware from the PC anyway. :(