iPad won’t play through amp - Solution

  • The first thing I did when I got the amp, was to fire up the app and connect my iPad to the amp. Guitar played fine, but backing tracks, drums, Spotify,... all came out of the iPad speakers and just guitar through the amp. Finally realized the Bluetooth light on the back of the amp was still blinking. The app said it was connected. System settings on the iPad said Bluetooth was connected to Spark 40 BTE. Turned off Bluetooth on iPad and turned it back on and had a different choice of Spark Audio. Chose that and everything is now working fine! Why there are different choices (Spark 40 Audio and Spark 40 BTE) and why one works and the other doesn’t, I have no idea.

  • From my observations, Spark is using two seperate Bluetooth connections:

    • Spark 40 BTE: used for controlling the Amps and Effects
    • Spark 40 Audio: used for Audio playback, like a bluetooth speaker

    So one is for config, the other one for an audio stream - both is Bluetooth technically, but total different communication protocols and an elegant system design, to avoid latency effects... same same, but different ;)

  • I have the same issue, sound through the iPad only after the App update. I did have a Boom Bar speaker which it played through (iPad must have had a connection) and disconnected after 2 seconds.

    Now just coming through the iPad :-(

    Tried the above solution but no other devices....any ideas?

  • @davegas666 Try to rescan for new Bluetooth devices in the iOS settings, you need to be connected to "both" Spark bluetooth devices there, as they serve different purposes.

    ...and the obvious: Swich OFF-and-ON the Spark and restart the App

    While wrinting,... try Restarting your iOS device as well, I remember an issue I had with my previous iPhone6S: when it was running for a long time (~weeks) without a restart, it wouldn't find new Bluetooth devices - a restart solved that. It was something like an stack overflow in the internal drivers.