Moving BIAS FX and Pedal folders into an SSD external drive

  • Hi everyone,

    I just got an SSD external drive. I've already installed both BIAS FX 2 and BIAS pedal into my computer and currently use their plug-ins everyday on a protools session I'm working on.

    How could I safely move both of these into my external SSD drive.....

    is it just click and drag? if so, where can I find the actual content folder of both these softwares? (folder location)

    Thank you! I sincerely appreciate your help guys.

  • Sorry to ask again, but is there a link I can find this answer?

    I'm clueless on how to properly move this software from my internal (where it's currently installed) onto my external ssd (so I could run Bias FX & Pedal plugins directly from the external ssd)

    Thank you in advance for helping, really would mean a lot

  • Thinking there's something going on under the hood like a registry string on Windows telling Bias where the current installation is.

    If you have it on your main PC drive then you'll need to uninstall then reinstall to the new location. Was playing around yesterday with Bias FX and Pedals, and installed into wrong location. I manually moved the DLL files to where I wanted them but when trying to run the standalones they didnt work. So looks like you uninstall to 'clean up' old location and reinstall to the external SSD. The extra programs install to Windows system drive, the plugins and other required. The only other way I can think of doing ist is using symlinks but that could me a lot more headache (a symlink is like a shortcut but works like a pipeline system, Windows thinks the symlink is a 'real' location on say C: drive while the symlink can be on any other drive). Personally probably not worth doing, unless theres a specific reason you want to run from external SSD?