MIDI Pedals?

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    Can anyone think of a battery powerable MIDI pedalboard with an onboard expression pedal or expression pedal jacks that can send CC's, not just PC's?

    I'm trying to create a system on a windows based tablet or laptop to have the convenience of the wireless aspects of the bluetooth midi pedal/ iPad setup. I found a wireless MIDI system that has windows drivers, but the battery powered midi pedals I have found can only send PC's and I figure sending CC is going to be pretty important!

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    It's hard to find one ... You may look at some USB midi controllers and use this

    With that adapter you could use an USB MIDI controller wireless and at the same time power it with a portable powerbank like this

    For example the McMillen softstep 2 could be a good solution: it's very portable, sends CC's, it's usb powered and allows you to link an expression pedal into it

    The only limit is that Yamaha adapter works on iOS/Mac OS only..so...you know

    here some guys talking about the yamaha adapter which should actually work on latest Windows OS

  • The iRig Blueboard runs in one of two modes: PCs or CCs. You cannot switch modes on the fly, though. On the Mac you can use a tool called MIDIpipe to completely reprogram any MIDI controller to do anything. It is an amazing tool. I used it to operate the BB in CC mode but change the CC into a PC message that counts up and down on two of the pedals so that two of them can go up/down presets and the other two can change delays, etc. It has two exp inputs.

    Just about any board can be turned into a portable one. I am experimenting with this using my old Digitech control 8.

    For power; since most MIDI boards use 9V like a guitar pedal you could use something like:


    Connected to one of those cell phone external battery packs.


    For wireless MIDI

    Am waiting on the step up transformer cable but the wireless MIDI works great.

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    I have the Blueboard, its what I'm looking to replicate since it still can't run on windows.

    I'm going to attempt to intercept its messages today if I can get it to at least pair with a windows laptop