Some thoughts on Backing Track

  • Backing Track feature is an awesome addition if you want to play along and learn your favorite songs BUT it's meaningless if:

    a) You don't have the option to loop a specific difficult chunk of the song you want to learn.
    b) You can't "streach" the song to alter it's tempo.

    Please PG, consider these in your future releases.

  • @lefteris-lydios
    I've used backing tracks for years and never needed to loop them or slow them down. Sure, it would be nice to have those options, but to say a feature is 'meaningless' just because it doesn't do what you want is a bit harsh!

  • @bluesman55 Let me get this straight. You load a backing track and you cover it in one take? This is an amazing skill but I think most people trying to learn their favorite song, want to isolate a challenging riff or solo and practise it over and over again until they get it clean and well articulated. I fall into this category and that's why I'm asking for this feature even though I am pretty sure no one gives a damn about what I think.