BIAS Head, BIAS FX Mobile and BIAS Pedal

  • How does the Head works with BIAS Pedal and BIAS FX? (particularly, mobile devices)
    Ive seen the videos, read stuff etc,, and they mention the Head with BIAS AMP 2, but nothing mentioning Pedal or FX.


  • @elgrantimo64 BFX and BP are software apps that do not run on any PG hardware (other than the new sparkle amp that has a version of BFX or what not) - cheers

  • Ops,, that is definitely not a selling point for the BIAS Head. :-(

  • @elgrantimo64 very true but it is actually (that particular software set) not used in promotion or sales, just sort of wishful thinking, that lead them to making spark ..

  • @tafkad Understandable. Does the spark supports FX? I thought its software is more like a reduced version of FX, or some kind of hybrid software. Also I think the Spark cannot be connected to a bigger cab, right? . If the Head would be compatible with FX would be great, because everything behind on the signal path (Amp, Pedal, etc) would be included int he output. For now, Head does not look so appealing. It looks beautiful, and most likely works and sounds great though.