BIAS AMP 2 purchases and presets on Mobile

  • I have sent emails to support about this on few occasions, but looks like they went to a black hole.
    Maybe here I get better help.

    Im running BIAS AMP 2 on my iPad and I wanted to download the 12 Presets that are inside the "Historic bass Collection" on SoundCloud.
    When I tried I got "Unsupported Item. This AMP contains unpurchased Block Model." so I went and purchased the Bass Amps Pack from the Apple Store within the app itself.
    I was able to download some of the 12 Bass Presets, but not all of them, I keep getting "Unsupported Item. This AMP contains unpurchased Block Model.
    The message does not say which block model is the one I dont have.
    Come on, is the preset is for Bass then I should be fine after I purchase the Bass pack. But I understand, maybe they used some guitar cab when they made the preset and I would need that.
    I understand that with user-created presets, but guys, these presets are made by PG, they should not be using guitar gear, and if they do, then they should include them on the Bass Pack.

    I don't understand,, how do I know what need to be purchased? there is no list of gear used on any of the presets.

    I don't mind paying, but I don't want to gamble and pay and pay over and over again for packs until I finally get what I need,, they details on the preset should be listed, and the details on the pack also, so we know what is what.

    How do you guys deal with this?