Bias FX 2 - Some settings from presets not displayed ?

  • I noticed something strange, and I'm not sure if this is a bug or something I missed...

    I loaded the preset "Cowboy from heaven" and removed the pedals after the amp and saved it as a custom preset.
    I switched the amp to something else and went back to the "Slayer King" amp and noticed I couldn't reproduce manually the same sound I have with my save preset.

    So I opened 2 instances of Bias FX 2 with the saved preset, on the save guitar track.

    • On one of the instance, I select another amp
    • And then I select back Slayer King amp
    • I set the knobs to the same position as the preset
    • I set the same cabinet, same mic, same position (x, y & z)
    • For the amp and cabinet, all settings seem to the same.
      => The sound I have seem weaker : less volume, less "full".

    So either there are some settings somewhere for the amp that I missed, or there is a bug and some settings are set by the presets and you cannot set them yourself, or are not properly visually represented.

    Any idea ?