Cab impedance for use with Bias Rack?

  • Hi,

    I've read that PG recommends that you use a 8 Ohm cab for best result with the head/rack with guitars. Have anyone tried a 4 or 16 Ohm cab and heard any difference? Does anyone here use it with a cab at a regular basis?

  • You can use anything which has at least 4 Ohm. When you theoreticly get over 16 Ohm all that happens is, that you loose volume but you won't damage your hardware.
    The best/loudest result is at 4 Ohm impedance, as this is the maximum the Bias Head/Rack can power.

  • Thanks for the clarification! So say a Victory cab for example with 16 ohm speakers wouldn't go loud enough in a band setting with the rack? Or is it just a minor decrease in overall volume?

  • A whatever's cab with 16 Ohm and 600 watts will be loud enough, for guitar usage.

    But a cab with 150 watts RMA , powered by a class-D amp won't, especially if you play bass over it.

    You see, that it is much more complicated and it makes sense to know the differences in amplification, watt and impedance!

  • I use the bias head with a 16ohm orange 2x12 and it gets plenty loud. Definitely no need to worry on the volume front

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