What exactly does more expensive monitors do?

  • Hi all!

    I'm soon finished with my studio build and I'm looking to upgrade my cheap KRK Rokit 5 monitors. But what exactly do you get from better monitors?

    I haven't measured my room after the super chunks were built but in the last measurement I got +/- 5 dB if I remembered correctly (with EQ added to the monitors from a DSP unit.)
    After the ceiling and side walls were treated the stereo image got so much better. I can hear more details. So what will better monitors give me? Even more flatter frequency response? Better stereo image?

    What exactly does "more detailed midrange" mean? Just flatter midrange? Or more resolution in the frequencies, if that's a thing?

    What will I get with more expensive monitors?

    (and by expensive I mean 1000-2000$)

    I am getting some idea from here about monitor stands [best monitor speaker stands](link url)