How far apart should studio monitors be?

  • I had to move out of my home temporarily and am living with family. They have a fairly large room they have let me use as my studio until I move into another house. I obviously wouldn't treat this room or anything like that, so with that being said...

    I have a fairly large desk, my studio monitors I've put on stands, they are not too close to the wall, I pulled out the computer desk in the middle of the floor to avoid that. They are behind the desk though on the left and right.

    I'm noticing with this setup, it sounds better than the way I had it before, where they were close together. I can really hear the stereo spread.

    I AM using the triangle measurement for where I am seated.

    My concern is, while this might sound good, if they are too far apart from each other it might give me a false sense of how things sound in a mix. I'm not someone who's super professional and looking for super accuracy but I want it to be decent enough.

    I like the speakers being apart from each other so much that I kinda want to move them even further than they already are but I'm afraid it'll be too far.

    I know without hearing in person you can't know the exact measurements but a rough guess: how far can near field studio monitors be away from each other without creating that phantom middle position?

    Also, these are 6-inch monitors. I do have a subwoofer that is in between the monitors but the subwoofer is more for listening, recording bass guitar, etc rather than accurate mixing. The subwoofer has an off foot switch which I use while mixing so that I only hear the monitors.

    It's kinda hard to tell, am I getting a really cool stereo sound I didn't have before because my monitors used to be extremely close and now they are further away than most peoples; or are they too far away and I'm hearing that gap in the middle?

    BTW I'd say they are 6 feet away from each other. I then am close to 6 feet away from them with the tweeters pointed at my ears. I should be sitting a little further back but I compromised some on that because I didn't want the desk to LITERALLY be sitting in the middle of the room.

    I'm close enough to the proper distance that when I take a tape measure and make a line from the tweeter out to where it would go, it's very close to being correct.

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