Support Response Times

  • I purchased the Bias Amp 2 Pro software package on Thursday of this past week and didn't realize until purchasing that it is only the Bias FX 2 edition that comes with the looper pedal.
    I've sent messages to both the Contact Support and Help Center support for returns (I want to exchange products) and have yet to receive any reply other than the bot generated email that they will contact me.
    Yes, I do understand we are in the middle of a pandemic that has effected a lot of business in the World, but I think this issue could easily be handled by computer without much trouble.
    Has anyone dealt with a software return, or exchange, which was done via the Positive Grid site?
    Any thoughts on how to get a an answer from support?

  • If you raise a ticket I have found they do get back to you in a reasonable time. But I've never tried to exchange a product....The looper is built in to the FX2 desktop app/VST.....I use it a fair bit, but it does need more development. FX2 is definitely a better overall package unless you want to tweak your own amps..... I tend to use FX2 inside Reaper which often makes the looper redundant. I'm sure the PG folks will swap your Amp pro for FX2.... good luck!

  • @RedSpecial62: Thanks for the response! Yes, they did do an exchange at 3:50am this morning and it appears I'm all set to go with the Bias FX 2 Professional now.
    I guess in all fairness the response time was not to bad, considering the state of the world and business today with what is going on with this pandemic.
    Have a great day, and stay safe!

  • That's good to hear.... PG often get a bad deal on here (sometimes for matters of their own making!!).... but I have found support to generally good and they fixed the Looper bug that I flagged from the initial release. Good luck with FX2 Pro... that's the same licence I have.... certainly enough amps/FX for my needs. I've never got on with the guitar match though - does seem a bit 'gimmicky' and more about marketing than real world use - you may find it different thou of course!