BIAS FX 2 Tonecloud "Empty Result" UPDATE: It now works

  • UPDATE: ToneCloud is back up and running. At least for me it is.
    I tried Googling it first, all I saw was a thread from 3 months ago stating where someone thought it may have been maintenance due to spark amp coming out. I tried re-installing, rebooting my mac just for fun...still nothing. All I get is "EMPTY RESULT" "Contents could be uploaded from all BIAS series softwares." Anyone else have this going on?

  • I have the exact same issue and I'm also using a Mac.

  • @fgoulding If it's maintenance I just wish it would say so instead of just saying "Empty Results"

  • @philminator Agreed!

  • @fgoulding I'm just surprised I can't find any other recent threads on this. Was starting to wonder if I was alone. I haven't used the cloud in 2 weeks or so since I bought BIAS FX 2, and now that I wanted to browse some tones....I can't! lol.

  • @fgoulding
    Me too . Same issue

  • I am having the same issue. I have installed and uninstalled BIAS FX2 a half dozen times. I have also followed their guide of moving the BIAS FX Folder to desktop so it rewrites it, and still the same screen.

    The Featured Artists page will work first but when I go to click on Pedalboard I get:

    Contents could be uploaded from all BIAS series softwares.

    I have even gone as far as logging in through the website on Chrome and Microsoft Edge separately and removing all adblockers and it still wont work for me.

    I have also asked two friends that have it and Tonecloud works fine for them so I am completely lost as to what is going on with this. Other than this the program works flawlessly but the best part of this is the Tonecloud feature........I hope this issue is resolved because I really enjoy this software.

    Also, just downloaded BIAS Pedal since it came with my Elite purchase and the Pedal Cloud for that works just fine.

    Running a PC/Win10/Updated Graphics Drivers

  • @dukelion I also tried BIAS FX on iPad and it works. I too sometimes get the homepage artist for Tonecloud working for a moment. I managed to snatch Angel Vivaldi preset which is what I wanted lol, but then once you click to tonecloud it's empty.