• There's been a lot of talk about the buzzing from the Spark, but haven't seen any response from PG. What is your position on this.

    I received mine last week, and it's great, however it does have a buzz. It's quite annoying. Yes there are workarounds, like grounding the amp with a clip on the power switch to ground. But what is the cause? Ungrounded power supply? Bad design?


  • @frank-mamone I'm getting the buzzing. It seems to be a grounding issue. The buzzing noise is very annoying.

  • Have you tried contacting PG? This issue is being brought up on You Tube. Connecting the usb cable (both ends) seems to be the easiest way to solve the problem.

  • For me it seems to be tied to certain effects in the chain, and happens more on ones made by the community. But really its weird even with my guitar volume on 0 or unplugged some make noise still, so there might be bugs.

    The guitar I am using is noisey anyway, I tested it with another amp it just makes it worse with some effects.

  • @bigdaddy I have the same problem it is defiantly some form of grounding issue

  • I watched a YouTube video about this. The person who published the video said that the hum was resolved by hooking the amp up to his computer with a USB cable. He didn't have to play the amp through the computer or anything, he just hooked up the cable and the hum disappeared.

  • I came across a similar issue. Sometimes while playing I notice a delay or simply no sound at all for not even a second. This issue is then followed be a super high pitched buzzing sound and it's super loud. The only thing to get rid of it is to turn the amp off.

    Does anybody experience the same issue or has a solution for it?


  • @frank-mamone

    I have the same problem.