Tuner on Spark

  • Is anyone else having trouble with the tuner? I can get into tuner mode no problem, but whether any of the LEDs light up is pretty inconsistent. The 6th string generally does if I pluck it hard enough, the others barely do. Unless I'm doing something wrong, it seems like the tuner is pretty useless.

  • @mfeldman1972 I remember some reviewers saying the tuner was not so great. I will probably stick with the Snark or other headstock tuner anyway since it is always so handy.

  • I just did a test right now, and the tuner in the Spark is as fast and accurate as my D’Addario headstock tuner and a couple of my footpedal tuners.

  • @bschultz8 OK good. Maybe PG improved it.

  • The tuner seems to work alright on mine, about as well as the built-in tuner on my VT40+. It's okay in a pinch but I'd still much rather use a headstock tuner or my automatic Roadie tuner.

  • @bschultz8 Maybe we just don't know how to use it properly. I too only get lights with the low E.

    Is there an explanation somewhere about how to use it properly?

  • @jim-0 you use the tuner like you would any other tuner. A long press of the tap/tuner button of the Spark engages the tuner mode. Pluck a string and the lights indicate tuning (when in tune the center LED is green). There is no adjustments possible of the tuner. As with any tuner/amp, make sure your guitar cord is good and make sure your pickup output is normal (and you have the volume knob of the guitar turned up). If your guitar and cord work with a handheld or pedal tuner but doesn’t work with the Spark, then your Spark may have a firmware/software hiccup, and you probably have to put in a help request with PG to see if they have anything to offer.

    I still find the Spark tuner to be quick and accurate. I turn on the Spark, long press on the button to engage the tuner, quickly tune up, long press to disengage the tuner. Takes only seconds.

  • My tuner is WAY off. It says the guitar is sharp and therefore, if tuned to the tuner, the guitar is way flat. It has good sensitivity, it just way off. Does anybody know a way to adjust the tuner?

    This is my first positive grid product BTW. This product has great promise.

  • @brettbbonner If your'e checking the Spark's tuning against a different tuner, make sure the other tuner you're using for reference is set to A440 and hasn't been switched to a different pitch instrument like Bb or Eb or F or G.

  • @dhbailey Thank you for taking time to respond. The reference tuner was set to 440hz as well as an iPad app. I updated the Spark's firmware and did a factory reset. The spark is now consistent with other tuners I have.

    this may get very fun!

  • @brettbbonner Thanks for letting us know what resolved that problem for you!

  • I tried it, wasn't too impressed. My clip on works better for me.

  • I only used it for a couple of days because I now only use the app when I am playing because I don't sit next to it. It seemed OK when I did use for what you can get with a 5 light system over a gauge.

    Use the neck pickup at full volume and you want as much of the primary tone on the string with little harmonic, turn down or off the tone knob. That will help prevent some of the bouncy.

    Too bad they can't add a tuner to the app but the amp does not send any signal to the app so I just use a clip on.