Syncing App with Amp

  • Hi - maybe this is a dumb question, but something pretty basic is confusing me. Let's say you use the app to load a patch onto the Spark. Then you want to go back to just tweaking the knobs on the amplifier. How do you do that without retaining characteristics of the patch you loaded on? Do you have to disable the bluetooth connection with the app?

    And on a related note, can you create tones from scratch, just starting with the amplifier, and then add whatever pedals, etc... you like, or do you have to start with one of the presets in the app?

  • @mfeldman1972 let me see if I can answer:
    1st trial - turning on spark without the app and selecting a preset I previously downloaded and saved to #4 preset on the spark. When I turn the amp type knob and all the other knobs, the spark responds accordingly and the preset #4 light blinks to show I done a change. If I wanted to save all that, I would do a long press on the preset #4 button on the Spark. Since I didn’t want to save the changes, I just did a quick press on preset #4 button and my stored patch was there.
    2nd trial - the same as above but with the App turned on. As I was on my preset #4 on the spark, the app showed that same patch. When I selected different amps via the leftmost knob on the spark, the App changed to show that amp. When I moved any other knob (gain, bass, mid, etc) the App reflected the change. What I did notice (and assume) is that when clicking the different amp modes, it appears that the “default” amps as selected by the default software were the ones that showed up when you rotate that leftmost knob. Via the App you can of course select different amps from that category.
    3rd trial: spark only, no app - my saved preset to #4 has mod and delay and reverb turned off. When I turn those knobs, I get those functions turned on and the amount of effect based on how much the knob is turned. However I am assuming that the specific pedals that are getting tweaked are whatever pedals were part of that #4 preset I put there.

    So bottom line, I’m thinking that although the Spark only (without the App) will give you lots of tone options, you are limited to the default assignments of amps and pedals by the software, and the best way to open up all the tweakability is via the App.