Unable to set input and output device on Bias Amp 2 (macbook)

  • Every time I click the Audio Setting button and select my device on the dropdown menu, this error message pops up.

    "Can't open the audio device! This may because another application is currently using the same device - if so, you should close any other applications and try again!"

    Then, the i/o devices are set to "Background Music (UI Sounds)." (Background Music is a program I installed on my macbook) Regardless of which device I choose (my audio interface, built-in microphone, or "Background Music"), that error message comes up to annoy me.

    Stranger thing is that Bias FX 2 and Bias Pedal works well! They have no problem at all, but only Amp makes trouble.

    How should I make Amp work again?

  • I have this problem too.

    My positive mini and bias amp 2, doesnt work with my output device. Scarlett 18i6, focusrite

    Hi Positive could you resolve this?

    Im trying to do a amp match and I can't do it.