Access to software before you get the Spark amp?

  • When you purchase Spark Amp, do you get access to start using the software/cloud before you receive the amp? That would help with the long wait. Thanks!

  • @ackindred you can download it anytime but cant really use all the features until u get the amp. U can jam with the backing tracks but cant use any effects. It picks up your guitar on smart jam but I guess the audio will only come thru the spark amp. So u can make smart jam tunes then plug into another amp and kinda still smart jam ghetto style. Lol. I tried. Luckily I had an old apple phone kicking around and downloaded the 90 trial of the FX2 thing they offered. Enjoying doodling with that for now.

  • @chritopher144 Thank you very much for the information, I appreciate it... This wait is ridiculous!!