Spark delays and pandemic

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    I ordered mine in the first week of April (2020) and I delays frustrating. However, I need to temper that with the effects of the pandemic on production, distribution and shipping - and if that is indeed the issue (more than likely) then I wish PG would just come out and say that. Just say production/distribution has/had been halted because of the effects of COVID19. I think ignoring it will turn more customers away in frustration from PG's silence. Frankly, I would probably cancel my order if I knew that PG was still running full speed knowing the effects of the pandemic.

    Fender had been taking pre-orders for the Broadcaster reissue and now is not making or shipping anything, Warmoth has halted production, etc. I think we're going to need to be patient and ride this out, giving them the time they need to sort this and consider the health and safety of their employees.

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