Audio Routing Help

  • I have BIAS FX installed. Right now the only way to get a very clean output is by routing a cable from my interface to an outside speaker, such as an amp or headphones. My goal, however, is to run my guitar into my interface (Tascam US 122/Focusrite Solo) through the sim, then into my computer and out through my computer's speakers. Using ASIO does not give me any output options other than the interface itself0_1587686237283_ASIO.PNG . When using Direct Sound or Windows Audio I can play through my PCs speakers, but it is either very distorted and/or has very high delay0_1587686279965_DirectSound.PNG . The same happens when I route my guitar directly into the PC.
    Is my goal possible? Any help is appreciated. Feel free to ask for more clarification.

  • Have you tried the AISO4ALL drivers? You might gave better luck.
    Download HERE