No Previews in ToneCloud

  • I'm guessing this has been asked before. Apologies if it's a duplicate thread.

    I get 'no sound' when I try and preview a preset in ToneCloud. Hit the preview button . . . nothing . . . no sound. Tried it on two different computers with exactly the same result. I'm running through a Scarlett Focusrite 2i4 box, it that makes a difference. Everything else seems to be working. Just the previews of ToneCloud presets.

    Anybody else have this issue and/or is there a setting I should be using or solution?

    Also, what software do I need to purchase to have access to ALL ToneCloud presets? I'm running Bias FX 2 Pro. Some presets show a little padlock button. No ability to download. Guessing I need another piece of software that was used by the person who originally uploaded the preset?