Spark Amp- iPad bluetooth failures

  • When I first log in my connection is great. 30 minutes into playing with cloud amps the connection fails and I can't reconnect (I keep getting "Failure" messages). I have tried turning off and on bluetooth on the iPad, going to the "Connect hardware" on the app, and everything else I can think of aside from starting totally from scratch. Is anyone having this problem or have a solution? And, by the way, the blue light on the back of the Spark stays on, indicating that I am supposed to be connected. Thanks.

  • My hiccups with the Spark have all been related to tonecloud. On the Bluetooth, I had to select “forget this device” on my ipad, then reconnect fresh to the Spark and that got bluetooth going again. FYI, I had a hiccup when saving a patch to a preset number where the patch didn’t store and all I got when going to that preset was just input from my guitar, no amp. Also I couldn’t edit that preset either from turning the amp knobs. I did the factory reset which got it working again, but had to “remove” the Spark (as the manual says) i.e. forget this device on ipad, and redo the pairing again on the Bluetooth. Although the factory reset puts the original presets back in the amp, you don’t lose anything from the APP, so as long as you remember what patches you placed in the 4 presets, you can quickly load them back in again.

  • Thanks. I reset last night and have my fingers crossed.