Bias FX 2 guitar match very noisy

  • Dear All,

    I'm new here but had this issue despite I am trying all kinds of remedies on my own. So here I am, asking for your help.

    I'm plugging my strat into 2i2 into reaper into Bias FX 2. Gain in Reaper peaks around -9 - 12db. It's normal and even hotter than I would normally set for 2i2.

    The raw input into FX 2 is perfectly fine and usable. However no matter how I tried to profile the guitar, the guitar match result is always very very noisy. It sounds like a boost after my guitar signal.

    Does anyone else have this issue?

    Also, even though I can successfully profile my guitar, the software often says "match failed, please play individual notes not chords". This happens during the play all six strings stage. I cannot totally get rid of this message even though I very very carefully play each string. It also seems that you have to bar with index finger, individual note with index finger jumping off 6th when playing 5th will result in recognizing failure.

    Many thanks.

  • @3mushroom3, have same issue, im so dissapoint bias FX, no more no less.

  • same issue here

  • As the OP, I come back to this topic from time to time in the past 5 days since I posted the question. I sincerely hope there would be an answer or solution from either fellow members or PG team. But I am disappointed to see only same problem, not solutions.

    I do like the tone from Bias FX 2 very much after demoing the software. In fact I like it better than some other acclaimed VSTs. I sincerely hope there will be detailed and updated documentation on the website (not so simple and even lacking) as well as support for solutions to critical questions like the one above. I am not wanting to see a good intention and good feature - guitar match - run its course just because end users may not set the input level or something incorrectly, or not follow the design of the software.

  • @3mushroom3 said in Bias FX 2 guitar match very noisy:

    have you tried profiling in the standalone? Not if that would help, but it might be a good data point for a support ticket.

  • @paul-jones32 Thanks but the result is the same. Although the input setting is a little different in standalone vs in DAW, there is still a significant noise boost and signal boost after activating the guitar match function.