Bias FX2 always asks me to login

  • Hi,

    I always thought that I just need to login to Bias FX2 once.

    However, I keep getting asked to log in every time.

    It's very annoying when I have to use it as an AU/VST and it keeps asking me to log in for EACH instance. It's ridiculous.

    Is there a way to solve this?

  • Been an issue for years. Don't t hold your breath it will ever be fixed

  • Thanks for the info. I'm a new user (Bias FX2 Elite Tier) and this is indeed an annoying issue. I hope they will fix this. I generally don't like software that is online and only connect my machines when required, so the login window always takes away a little fun when opening the app. Nevertheless a really great guitar sound suite!

  • There are free programs like McAfee TrueKey which purport to save your passwords, encrypt them, then log you into sites/programs automatically when they recognise the login (or something to this effect).

    I haven't ever used them and cannot vouch for their efficacy, but something like this may be worth trying if the login is driving you to the depths of despair.

    There are also Open Source 'Password Managers' like BitWarden, which could be worth trying. I'm going to give BitWarden a try with ToneCloud and report back here.

    Edit - BitWarden does not support autofill of Logins for windows desktop software. :(