• I paid in good faith and have been waiting for around 6 weeks here in the UK. which even in the current covid lockdown situation
    seems plenty of time to have been delivered. having read this forum it seems a lot of you have been waiting a lot longer.
    so have we all been scammed ? has anyone had a refund ?
    basically WTF is going on ?

  • @ashlcoop5 they give refunds in 24 to 48 hours if you request one. They are shipping Amps, just really far behind. I ordered mine in January. Expecting it around beginning of May. November orders have been shipping for almost 2 weeks now. Search Facebook for spark or positive grid. There is a group on there of people waiting for amps. People that are getting thiers are posting pics and reviews.

  • @ashlcoop5 group is called spark positive grid still waiting for thier amps. Facebook group with updated info

  • Did you say.... 6 weeks?

    hey, It's almost 6 months in my case. :D

    I ordered on 11/6/2019.

    Help me please ~~~~~~~ :D

    I believe that it's not a scam.

    Take care and be healthy.

  • @jmilessdmf I would say "No way" you should expect an early May delivery. Its almost May now.
    I am in the group that ordered last November and I still have no info mine will be coming soon.

  • Maybe they should update the site in that case. It says april/may. It also says they are doing 1k units a day. Perhaps I would have waited if i knew this was the deal. At least show something. Im only a few days in waiting and its just sitting at being prepared. Hopefully things are caught up soon. 6 weeks - 6 months doesnt cut it if thats for real. Hell no. Lol

  • @chritopher144 And this is why they have blatantly lied to their customers over and over again. They know, far fewer will order if given the real timeline.

  • Hi folks,

    Hang on :-) Ordered mine Nov 13th (power supporter) and just received it today. It's been a while, but very happy it came in today. I just opened the box, plugged the thing and play. I really wanted to hear it for real and confirm sound quality (volume, fullness, etc.) and so far so good, this thing sounds great.

    keep the faith everyone.

  • anyone in Australia received one yet?

  • Don’t believe it’s a scam, however noticed we have not had a update for a month, and tracking your order is not worth a flying ****. I ordered mine on the 24th of November........still waiting.
    Wonder if there is a priority on order locations?

  • @joepedder22 said in IS SPARK A SCAM ?:

    Don’t believe it’s a scam, however noticed we have not had a update for a month, and tracking your order is not worth a flying ****. I ordered mine on the 24th of November........still waiting.
    Wonder if there is a priority on order locations?

    yes there is..firstly in groups then in location... Nth America and Europe first.. as stated in an email to me

  • @donramsay yeah just staying positive. I think realistically more like late June maybe longer

  • Tonight they made their 50,000th pre-sale and have now received nearly $12,000,000.00 in gross sales revenue (ignoring refunds). It's not a scam, but it is time for a meaningful update since they have clearly not been shipping 1,000 units per day as implied by their March 26 update.

  • @jameswwiggin I wish we could get everyone together who purchased the Spark amp and stage an "intervention" with Positive Grid. Lol. It seems they don't give a rats ass about their customers who have been waiting months for this thing. At this point it's highly unlikely I will do business with them again.

  • I dont know why but I must track my order 50 times a day. Was kinda hoping to jam on this thing DURING the lockdown. Not after. lol. That seems like a very slim chance but ill probably keep torturing myself and checking. I had no Idea how long the waits were when I ordered and didnt even think to check until my order didnt move for a bit. The lack of updates are annoying. A blanket weekly update or SOMETHING would be nice. Hope everyone hangs in there and its worth it in the end. Seems like a fun amp :)

  • BTW. Anyone know where this is made and shipped from.?

  • Sticker on back says designed in California made in China. Mine shipped from Arcadia, California via Fedex according to the tracking history.

    Googling Positive Grid I found a site that says they are headquartered in San Diego California. The Arcadia location may be a warehouse or something where the product gets shipped out to US customers after shipments come in from China.

  • @bschultz8 thx. That explains alot. I ship computers but of course they first ship from china. All that came to a stand still for months. Was probably the same thing here.

  • @chritopher144 Well, there is our answer. I was in the component distribution system back in the 70's and 80's and then we had shortages similar in length as this one, but not viral related. That is the reason I have not been concerned about the length of time. PG is not the problem, but people on here will blame them to no end. I don't need daily or weekly updates. I would rather they put their energies and resources into getting these amp built and shipped and I have no doubt that is exactly what they are doing.

  • @lon53lhc I think you may not have all of the relevant info when you say "PG is not the problem, but people on here will blame them to no end." For example, I ordered in late Nov. When I clicked the buy button (and when they took money from my account) it stated expect delivery by late Dec. For that to be true, my amp would have likely needed to be off the production line, and headed overseas to clear customs, get sorted/shipped etc. But here I am still without even a tracking number for my order. There are many more examples of this deceitful 'arrival' date that PG states on their site. My biggest issue is not necessarily the delays themselves, but rather the fact PG isn't being upfront with me as a customer. I've waited nearly half a year and still have no meaningful update as to my order status. I find that unacceptable. Part of the decision for me (and I'm sure many others) to order was when to expect delivery. Had I of known I would be waiting this long I wouldn't have bought it. It seems rather clear to me, from numerous examples, that PG over promised on when they could deliver. Moreover, in my eyes, they've taken zero responsibility for it.