Latency and Quality of the Sound

  • Howdy folks, I'm just a beginner who has just started to get familiar with Bias FX, So hello Bias Community :)
    So I got Irig HD 2 as an Audio Interface and the computer I'm using is Surface Pro 7 and I'm experiencing so much Latency in the way that I just simply couldn't play guitar at all
    I tried decreasing the sample rate but the sound quality worsened, Experienced so much disturbance!
    Also I gotta mention that I have ASIO Audio System installed but for some reason My Irig will not show up as an Input nor Output device!

    So folks, Can U help me out by telling me what the problem is and also which gear I should obtain with minimum expense to have the best experience?

    Thx So much In advance 🤙🏻