BIASFX 2 Setup with Line 6 UX2

  • Hi everyone.

    I've just purchased BIAS FX2 but cant seem to get it to work properly.

    On the input meter it seems to keep maxing out in the red , even if I turn the dial right down on the UX2, so when I play it sounds like its consantly cutting out. Also I looked at a youtube video on how to set the audio settings up properly. They are currently set to Windows Audio, now the tutorial said to set it to ASIO, if I try this I dont get any output at all.

    Can anyone please help as to what I am probably doing wrong and what settings I need?

    I also find there is a lag between when I play and when the sound comes from the speakers.

    I am on Windows 10 and using a Line 6 UX2 in BIAS FX Stand Alone.

    Many Thanks,


  • @rich-cousins Which ASIO driver are you attempting to use?

  • Line UX2 ASIO Driver.

  • 0_1587399012853_1.PNG

  • With these settings I cant hear anything but the input and output volumes are registering.

    Though the input keeps maxing out

  • OK. So for some reason I can get sound from the headphone jack in the UX2. So theres a sound coming from it.

    But issues I cant fix are:

    a) crackilng sound with certain tones
    b) feels like it just cuts out. Like I am suing some tones from the tonecloud by artists and they just sound shocking. Could it be I need a better USB interface?